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"I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing." - Jimmy Page

“Well, let’s put it this way, Aisha,” Sands blew his smoke upwards to avoid it getting in her face, “You can either co-operate with the Federal Government in helping us go after your family, and the other associates you have been connected with, or we can just take your pretty little ass down to Guantanamo Bay for questioning, where you will be detained indefnitely. “

Aisha stared at her fingertips and did not look at Agent Sands directly.

“Never mind that a lot of people connected to your father, and to Hafiz will be very interested that you are there,” he continued, and then shrugged with resignation, “and they’ve already tried to kill you once, Aisha. Do you think that you would be guaranteed any sort of protection? You won’t even have legal representation. “

“It’s not like I have anyone representing me now. You men are all alike. First my father, then Hafiz, then Uncle Sam. What the fuck difference does it make?”

“My.... such language from such a pristine young lady,” Agent Sands clucked. Reaching into a folder he brought out a CD ROM disk, “but then again, maybe you aren’t that pristine, are you, Aisha? Our contacts found this from monitoring the Hellas Imperial mainframe. I think that’s you isn’t it?” Sands shoved a still, a compromising screen shot from the movie that she had made with Cam at Nikos’ request, “I imagine that your daddy and your husband-to-be, Hafiz, would be none to pleased to have that little bit of buried treasure released throughout the Middle East.”

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Muse: Sheldon Jeffrey Sands
Fandom: 'Desperado' / 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico'
Word Count: 1157


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