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The name is Sheldon Jeffrey Sands. CIA, and I can totally f*** up your world.

BIO: (From Wikipedia and IMDB)

Not much is known about Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, aside from the fact that he is a member of the Central Intelligence Agency and was at one point stationed in Mexico. He operates under his own system of morals, considering himself to be the one to "keep the balance" in society, indicating control issues. Sands is a borderline sociopath who will kill without the slightest hesitation and has been described by some close to him as a "mass murderer". He can be a charming eccentric or a ruthless killer, depending on what the situation demands and his current mood or whatever is expedient at the time. Sands has been even reported to have killed a cook who made puerco pibil "too good". Agent Sands can also be quite witty and often engaging in his clever wordplay and banter with just about anyone. It is said that this is a strong point that allows him to get close to his targets and neutralise them.

Sheldon Jeffrey Sands is certainly not above using someone else's personal past painful life experiences in order to get them to cooperate and get him what he wants. He often uses charm as well as guilt to get his way. In spite of all this, Sands is a man not without mercy. He has demonstrated a pronounced partiality toward children and would much rather see them not get hurt in any given situation, even though as an FBI agent, he knows all about collateral damage. He maintains a calm demeanor, but is clearly quite wily and dangerous. His speaking cadence is soft-spoken, charming and almost hypnotic in the rhythm he uses to speak and because of this, his victims are just so fascinated, they cannot help but be pulled in.

As a field operative, Sands has a fondness for rather obvious costumes and cheesy gadgets, such as a fake arm that he uses to hide the gun in his real hand, and a faux mustache and beard. Sands is a weapons expert and an exceptional marksman.

One thing that Sands keeps well hidden is a fascination and a secret love for both Broadway musicals and Cirque du Soleil.

OOC: I am not Robert Rodriguez or Johnny Depp. I am merely a fan of the character, Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, so no copyright infringement is intended.
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