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Oct. 17th, 2008 10:54 pm
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"I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing." - Jimmy Page

“Well, let’s put it this way, Aisha,” Sands blew his smoke upwards to avoid it getting in her face, “You can either co-operate with the Federal Government in helping us go after your family, and the other associates you have been connected with, or we can just take your pretty little ass down to Guantanamo Bay for questioning, where you will be detained indefnitely. “

Aisha stared at her fingertips and did not look at Agent Sands directly.

“Never mind that a lot of people connected to your father, and to Hafiz will be very interested that you are there,” he continued, and then shrugged with resignation, “and they’ve already tried to kill you once, Aisha. Do you think that you would be guaranteed any sort of protection? You won’t even have legal representation. “

“It’s not like I have anyone representing me now. You men are all alike. First my father, then Hafiz, then Nikos....now Uncle Sam. What the fuck difference does it make?”

“My.... such language from such a pristine young lady,” Agent Sands clucked. Reaching into a folder he brought out a CD ROM disk, “but then again, maybe you aren’t that pristine, are you, Aisha? Our contacts found this from monitoring the Hellas Imperial mainframe. I think that’s you isn’t it?” Sands shoved a still, a compromising screen shot from the movie that she had made with Cam at Nikos’ request, “I imagine that your daddy and your husband-to-be, Hafiz, would be none to pleased to have that little bit of buried treasure released throughout the Middle East.”

Aisha felt the entire room spin and the floor rush up at her, her limbs were weak. She couldn’t breathe. Agent Sands took a long luxurious drag off his cigarillo, and a slight smile curled at the edge of his mouth.

“Now. . . . ” he shoved the photo of she and Cam back into the manilla folder, “it just so happens that I am rather familiar with your recent exploits, and also your astounding body of work for Mr. Christodoulakis,” he fondled the CD case, “some things, of course, are a little more familiar than the rest.”

“What do you want? Hmm” Aisha’s eyes narrowed, “you want me to make pornography for the CIA now? But then maybe that is how you Virginia Farm Boys get your kicks. What separates any of you from what Nikos does or what my father does?”

Sands extinguished his cigarette and took a few moments before answering her. He liked how she looked, how she moved. Yes, she was definitely a top-drawer and silk stockings kind of girl. Her file was impressive. She spoke nearly all the languages they would need on this case. And she had been trained by former Russian intelligence. That would definitely save the CIA the trouble of having to train her. Then there was the fact that she could shoot even her own brother. Nice.....very nice. But would Smitty buy it? The ‘Pit Boss’, as Sands called him, certainly didn’t owe him any favors, but in this case, the Khatib family, brought down by Sands of course, well, with a little help from Khatib’s own daughter, what a sweet deal.

“What separates the CIA from men like your father and Nikos is that we are operating on the right side of the law. What that means is that they are murdering thugs that are on the wrong side of the law. We, on the other hand, have a license to fuck up your world , whereas, quite simply they don’t. Can you dig it?”

Aisha didn’t answer.

“So we did do a little checking and we found out that you aren’t really Aisha Christodoulakis at all. In fact, you two were never married. I would be willing to bet that the two of you were never in the same bed. Which made me wonder, now what would a man like Nikos Christodoulakis - an obviously aging and incredible slimeball, be doing with this gorgeous woman, and why would he, according to record, already have another mistress? Seems to me he would be balling his wife at every available opportunity. It just didn’t make a whole lot of sense., unless she wasn’t really his wife. But then if she isn’t his wife then what is she doing there? So, although, I will admit, the paperwork is top notch, something was definitely amiss. I don’t think your garden variety Homeland Security fuckmook would be able to spot it at all. They simply don’t know their asses from holes in the ground. In fact, it took our forensics lab about three passes before they got the idea that what they were looking at even might even be a fake. My compliments really must go to the chef on that.”

“I will be sure to pass that along,” Aisha said, “What is it you want from me exactly, Agent Sands?”

“We’ll get to that,”Sands smiled. Even her fear was beautiful and that flash of anger behind her eyes - it gave him a boner just thinking about it. Tied to a bed, a little tequila and lime, the desert, lace curtains blowing in those evening breezes that are found just off the coast of Southern Mexico... Oh yes!

‘What a disgusting prick’, Aisha thought. There was nothing in the world that she wanted to do in order to cooperate with this son of a bitch! She pulled her jacket around her and lay her head on her hand. The interrogation room was bloody cold and the walls were an institutional gray that made her want to scream.

They were going to fake her death. They were going to make Nikos and her father and the others believe that she was dead. Gone. The death sentence, at least the order for honour killing would be lifted. She could start a new life, she could do something on her own now. The CIA was offering her another chance, another way that she could get back at her father, her family - and Hafiz.


“You think she has what it takes?” the Pit Boss had asked.

“Boss,” Sands exhaled a smoke-filled breath, “You said it yourself. She blew out the back of her own brother’s head. She has been in a few fire fight, she has been inside the Khatib organization and inside the Christodoulakis organization, too. The girl has languages up the ass. We both know we have fifty at least active field agents in this city who are less qualified.”

The two of them had talked over her as if she wasn’t even there. It was always that way, from her father, to her brothers to Nikos, now the goddamned FBI.

Muse: Sheldon Jeffrey Sands
Fandom: 'Desperado' / 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico'
Word Count: 1157
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