Jul. 28th, 2008

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"We are the people our parents warned us about." - Jimmy Buffett

Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands sat at his laptop perusing the CIA website, gnawing on the end of a pen, wishing that it was a cigarette. Goddamn it, he thought, what he wouldn’t do to have a smoke right about now. Fucking government no smoking regulations! It was enough to give him a migraine headache. He clicked on the pull down menu entitled, ‘I Chose the CIA’

‘Oh this ought to be good,” he muttered.

KATHY — Ops Officer

I heard about the Agency during a College Career Fair. Although many other positions sounded intriguing, I was drawn to the idea of living overseas and serving as a collector of intelligence. After receiving extensive training, the Agency put their complete trust in me to travel and recruit foreign agents who provide information, carrying out this entire process in a clandestine manner. Dealing with people, operating with so much independence, and relying on my own street smarts and training to make critical decisions is the ultimate challenge. Every week is different - it can be slow one minute and breakneck speed the next. I've done some thrilling operations that mirror what is seen in the movies, and I feel tremendous pride that I, an average all-American female from an average American family, am the one doing it.

What a bunch of bullshit. )

Muse: Sheldon Sands
Fandom: Once Upon a Time In Mexico / Desperado / El Mariachi
Word Count: 1402


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