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Oct. 14th, 2009 08:00 pm
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"It doesn't fucking matter how I know, just suffice it to say that I do, your Maj."Sands' voice was even, almost lilting in its delivery, but inside he was anything but. His was a rage barely contained had nearly eaten its way through him on the transporter flight from Boukun to Fortuna. He'd rehearsed in his head a million times what he was going to say to the Queen of Fortuna. Now his plans, all of them - were now blown sky high.

The private audience that he had insisted upon her was, much to his surprise, not only granted but interestingly without that one-eyed husband of hers. Usually the Fortunan Queen was seen with him, surrounded by some sort of Unseelie guard that were stranger creatures than even the CIA could have conjured up, or worse, that grouchy Security Chief he encountered the last time he was on this disgustingly pristine world. And now she looked at him as if she had been expecting the visit all the while.

"Well?" he prompted.

"Well......what?" Queen Faelyn's eyes and voice were even. She looked back down at the stack of documents that she had been approving when he came in and signed the next one with a flourish, "What is it you want me to say, Agent Sands? Do you wish me to deny that I said those things to my Goddaughter?" She pulled another document from the stack that sat on the ornate gilded table in front of her. "You know that I did. Why deny the truth? It is true. I did awaken you from your cryogenic stasis for my own purposes. That purpose, as I explained to your paramour," she looked up at him now after saying the word with such a very French disdain, " and now to you , that the purpose was for me alone to know. And, no, I have no inclination to tell neither Roma, nor you what that purpose was."

"So you just infer that I'm a toy that you simply picked off a shelf of your playroom and let Roma think that you were doing her a favour. Gee, I can't remember when I felt so objectified."

The Fae Queen stifled a small scoff. "There are worse things, Agent Sands. Besides, you are the one who could not seem to keep her in hand. What is it you were not doing that caused her to insult not only me but my Consort? Every indication I had was that you were exceptional in that particular capacity."

"How the hell would you know?"

Ancient, almond-shaped Fae eyes raised from the page and affixed Sands with a frigid glare. "I do not know. Nor do I care to know. I am not in the market for another paramour. I presently have more than my share and am ready to retire some of them as it is. What you and Princess Roma do or do not do is your own affair."

Sands wanted to kick over a chair, smack this bitch in the face for her coldness but he knew damned well if he did so, it would take one snap of her fingers and he'd be on the block or at the very least back in cryogenic suspension. Instead Sands slid into a chair next to her and propped his booted feet up on the obsidian tabletop. He frankly didn't care if he scoffed the damned thing and maybe even hoped that he would. "Well, let me spell out what I want from you, Queen Frances." He used a familiar tone with her, one that was far less than what she was used to but he didn't give a fuck about anything but finding Roma and setting the record straight.

The Fae Queen leaned back in her high backed chair and folded her fingers demurely in front of her, "I cannot wait," she purred facetiously.

'Gods how I hate her,' Sands thought.He rarely hated women - especially beautiful women, but this woman - this Fae Bitch, he truly hated with a passion. Oh, yes, he would get even with the bitch eventually. But now he had to make sure that she gave him what he needed so he could go after Roma. "Your BFF, the Emperor is probably not going to like the implications of what you said to Roma, so in terms of saving your ass, and getting Princess Roma back, you are going to give me a ship."

Frances scoffed and gave a little smile, then shook her head. "Who says I need your assistance for that? I can simply have Sebastien find her. I am sure she won't be too difficult to trace. Besides he has a little bit more experience in these things than you do. As for the Emperor, after a friendship that spans over a thousand years, I think I can certainly manage with him."

"Oh yeah, send Count Chokeula. I'm sure that Roma will respond very well to that. Unlike him, however, I have a little better idea where she might go - I have been sleeping with her after all, even when your beloved Rotwieler, or...husband rather, could have made his own moves. You know what else I think?"


"I think you put your husband up to that. I also think that you're jealous of the possibility that....."

"I think that you think far too much, Sands," Queen Faelyn interrupted him. "If I were the jealous type, why would i do such a thing? My husaband and I have been married a very long time. Roma would not have been the only such young woman he has schooled in the sensual arts by any means. So why would that be an issue?"

"I'm still working that out."

"Yes, " she nodded, "I can see that." She regarded Sands fora long moment and let her eyes blink slowly before she spoke again. "If I did not know any better, Agent Sands, I would almost say that you cared for my Goddaughter. I think that is the most surprising part of all."

Sands ignored the baiting that she was giving him. "It's none of your goddamned business how I feel about her, just as it was none of your goddamned business to even infer to her what you did. But just so we understand each other - why did you bring me back? Why restore my eyes? Why in the middle of all this?"

Faelyn rose from her chair and went to a large, ornate desk in the corner and extracted a small digital device that she scrawled across with a stylus, "You have a choice, Agent Sands," she said not looking at him. Long, elegant fingers punched in orders and coordinates. When she was satisfied she pressed the gold signet ring on her finger into the port on the front of the device and instantly it took on a soft glow. "You may take this device and Colonel Sexby can either take you to the archives and you may see the logs of your awakening and ocular restoration surgery....or...."


"Or you may ask Colonel Sexby to escort you to the docking bay. On this are the orders to see that you may take shuttle to wherever you think my Goddaughter will be. He is likely to grumble in either case, but oin one instance, you get one thing. In the other way, you potentially can have both....eventually. The choice is of course, up to you."

Queen Faelyn held out the device to Sands even as she touched a small button on her gown that was a comlink concealed in a very ornate broach that held the folds of her gown around her. No doubt she had just summoned her Security Chief and as far as she was concerned, their meeting was over. For the first time he really looked at her. She was not nearly as statuesque or imposing as she could sometimes appear. Fae glamour, if you looked at it in the proper light, he noted, could be seen through. She might have thought the meeting was over - but he was far from finished. Accounts would be settled.

Sands took the device and at the last moment he grabbed her wrist painfully. She wrenched it free from his grasp easily, but that was fine with him. He had made his point. Giving her a stare equally as cold as any of the ones that she had given him earlier, he smiled. "This conversation is not finished yet, Maj. Count on it."

She did not answer.

"I will bring her back to Boukun and leave it at the rental with the keys and a full tank of gas." Sands said over his shoulder as he handed the device to a very irritable looking Fortunan Security Chief.

He had a Princess to find.

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