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May. 16th, 2009 09:27 pm
sheldonsandscia: (yes I would)
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  • Scarlett Johansen -overrated, tired..nah
  • Mab (definitely on my top ten list of hotties!)
  • Ziya Ali (Ill watch you, baby!)
  • Angelina Joli Hot, but let's face it, sweets; you're nuts and you have way too many kids.
  • Frances de Rochefort On second thought, love, your husband is a scary bastard. Too risky.
  • Jocelyn de Rochefort Same scary bastard. Already lost the eyes, don't want to lose the balls, merci bocoup.
  • Cody Jean Lane Gorgeous, dangerous, but waayyy too much testosterone following her around. Fathers...sons....
  • Roma Lane Hsu - Now, that's a very serious possibility. As I told her, don't neccessarily want to be the first, just want...yeah..
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